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Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the Air

Posted by Colleen on Sep 18th 2021

I am SO excited for Fall. I crave the festivals, love having the kids back in a school routine, and I have a renewed business energy …setting my sights on the upcoming holiday season.

I recently added a Morning Glory hand-stamped coin to Florals on Metal. In researching the meaning, I was touched by the thought that this beautiful flower wakes each morning and opens its blossom to greet the world then, when the sun sets, the flower slowly curls up and takes its rest – only for new blooms to open the next day. Its ability to rise each morning and sleep each evening resembles human life. The four seasons also mimic this pattern: a beginning and an end dancing in a circle with each other. Spring is birth, Summer is youth, Fall is adulthood, and Winter is old age and death. Seasons allow us to change our mood…and to reset. Fall in particular is all about change, preservation, and comfort. Im not making this up. Throughout history, cultures, science, and astrology have linked the seasons to the human life cycle and to Mother Nature’s influence on our lives. Soooooo, it’s only natural for me to find this reinvigorated energy towards Her Hero.

My mind has been buzzing with Her Hero’s brand identity. Since I am a one-woman-show, its easy that my voice doesn’t get lost or jumbled with an agenda or some trend, and the brand values are 100% my values as a decent human being raised by two decent human beings; but how I portray the various designs and collections…how I layout my story and product is where I have been running into some obstacles. Thank you for hanging in there with me while I evolve, and I apologize in advance if I ever opt for an entire rebrand. For now, I decided to dive into the navigation of my website :) Baby steps….

I've reorganized the website. Hopefully it’s a little easier to maneuver the once disjoined collections. I started out making jewelry for the military community, but as my life changed (and I emerged), my designs and collections burst into various fragments of inspiration and technique. Now you will see 4 categories that consider not only the motivation behind the design, but also the process.

I figure keeping it simple is best.

Additionally, I am finally facing my “2021 Business Goals, item #1: Get ‘Out There’” goal. I wrote this list on a board in my office in January. I have been avoiding it since. Participating in an in-person event makes me scared and anxious…despite seeing other like-minded small business boss babes I follow on IG completely crushing it at events. Truth be told, I did not have any success at the first two I did last year (who does their first in-person events in the middle of a pandemic?!), and I am an introvert. Thanks to our busy summer, this was super easy to avoid doing an event until now. Remember those Fall festivals I am so excited about? Ugh, the irony. Again…baby steps. I signed up for a local fall fest next week. Thankfully, I see there will be a wine vendor there as well.

If you are still reading this, thank you. Thank you for your support, for joining me on my jewelry journey, and for all your love.

PS, I have a tattoo of morning glories on my arm for my dad (they grew wild along the side of his upholstery shop in New Orleans…its where I was first allowed to create art unencumbered).