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New Collections

New Collections

Posted by Colleen on Feb 25th 2021

I had no idea how much fun this would be.

Last month I made the announcement that Her Hero was changing directions to be more in sync with who I am today. As many of you know, I started Her Hero over 10 years ago when I was a military spouse fed up with what was available in terms of military jewelry. That’s not me anymore and I felt like my designs were in a rut. I was having more fun making my friends and family jewelry than I was with Her Hero. It was my mom who pointed it out; she gave me what she calls a dope slap. Duh! Why am I keeping these other personal creations from Her Hero?! So, because I didn’t want another dope slap from mom and because she was 100% right, I started expanding Her Hero collections to reflect other areas of inspiration to me. In that process, I also added different jewelry techniques. Can you believe I had a kiln never touched for 13 months!?

Since announcing the expansion from military jewelry, I have added 3 new collections to Her Hero:

  • Under the Same Stars, sterling silver and copper creations uniting separated families through the night sky.
  • The Kenna collection, a series of small hand-stamped sterling silver discs marked with your favorite good juju symbol and personalized with initials and a birthstone. My daughter, McKenna, helped me with this one and was very upset that I didn’t start the word “collection” with the letter “k”.
  • In the Garden, a collection inspired by nature. Poppies and magnolias hand stamped onto sterling silver coins, poppies and sunflowers mashed into fine silver, and the latest addition to the collection features real dried flowers and greenery preserved in resin and encased in handcrafted artisan findings.

These designs have been buried in my head and heart for years; they just needed an outlet. Upcoming collections will include Fused Love, designs with enamel and copper, and The Thistle Mine, a line dedicated to my Scottish mom.

Thank you for your continued support as I continue to evolve the brand.

XoXo Colleen