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Morning Glory Coin - Sterling Silver

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Just as its name indicates, the morning glory wakes each morning and opens its blossom to greet the world. As the day reaches its end and the sun sets, the flower slowly curls up and takes its rest – only for new blooms to open the next day.

The morning glory flower can have many meanings, but the most common include love, life, and death, or even love in vain.

Its ability to rise each morning and sleep each evening resembles human life.

It may seem like a depressing thought; the morning glory blooms each morning only to die each evening. But it’s about a lot more than that. The flower is resilient, able to grow in challenging situations and thrive each year. While they do indeed “die”, they rise again each morning – like clockwork – to signify not only death but the beauty of life.

Sterling silver coin lays flat. Great for adding with other charms.

The sterling silver coin is hand stamped and polished to perfection and hangs delicately from a chain of your choice.