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Her Hero jewelry specializes in hand-made jewelry that draws inspiration from nature and meaningful symbols and relics. Precious metal, vintage military insignia, pressed flowers, and bold enamels are used to create unique jewelry designs.  Processes include hand-stamped metal, sculpted precious metal clay, water cast silver, resin,  kiln-fired enamel, and metalsmithing. Creations are made in small batches or made-to-order; you will find Her Hero pieces are truly one-of-a-kind. 


I started Her Hero jewelry in 2010 when I was a military wife stationed in the middle of nowhere Kansas. My first design is still my most popular, the military lucite pendant...where your hero's badge is suspended in resin with a colorful background. Today, my designs have expanded to celebrate personal strength, female courage, and clear energy. My life journey is reflected in my jewelry business journey. You will find positive words and sayings of affirmation, symbols of good fortune and luck, pieces of natural beauty from Mother Nature, and tokens of bravery using repurposed and crafted military insignia. 


Her Hero jewelry reminds us all that we are the hero of our own stories.