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Her Hero was created shortly after my daughter was born at Fort Riley. My husband at the time was with the 79th EOD Battalion there. I was extremely proud of him and our military family but didn't care for the limited options of military jewelry that would showcase my pride or match my style.  So, just like any other military spouse, I took matters into my own hands and created what I thought to be a really cool EOD necklace. Military spouses outside of our EOD community started making requests for custom jewelry made with their husband's insignia.

As time went on, I embraced my life outside of the military community and further expanded my jewelry collections inspired by the other Heroes in my life. My Scottish mother, my resilient children, my home growing up in New Orleans, and my new home – a small prairie in the Midwest. You will see tokens of strength, good fortune, and nature throughout my designs.

Her Hero, LLC is officially licensed with the USMC trademark commission (license number 31107) and is an approved vendor with the CLC for West Point merchandise.

Contact us for wholesale inquiries and Fundraising partnerships.